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Laid to Rest

Silver Bone Necklace

Silver Bone Necklace

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Using a femur bone from former beloved pet rat, Bruce Wayne, it was then sand-casted in a mold. Then silver was melted by heating to 1,763°F then pulled and cooled, set in a sulfur solution and etching solution to create rustic patina finish. Finally, polished with a compound & buffing wheel with a bench grinder, the beautiful and original piece is complete.


Recycled, repurposed, ethically sourced materials. See individual listings for detailed description of materials used.

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Ships within 3 business days, no refunds. See our Policies page for full terms.


Varies per piece, accurate to photo.

Care Instructions

Leather will always stretch and soften slightly overtime. OK to get wet periodically, but avoid long durations in water. All wood is protected with finishing varnish. Avoid prolonged and constant sun exposure to avoid early fading.

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