About the Makers

Laid to Rest is a creative partnership founded by Alex and Noble, using a range of upcycled and natural materials to create functional and decorative work. Using predominantly bones, wood, and leather, they use ritual intention with fine attention to detail to create work that connects the dark and beautiful aspects of the natural world.

Until they met, the act of creating was always a solo endeavor. Since then, the ideas and art flow as naturally as the rivers they collect rune stones from. Noble has a fabricating background in steel, wood, and leather, specializing in creative functionality. Alex has spent her life in fine arts, while being predominately focused on drawing in pen and ink. With great attention to detail, both artists use their different backgrounds to explore a range of mediums and ideas.

A note from the makers:

"We are believers in working with our hands and obtaining the knowledge to understand the materials and true symbology within all our designs. Every piece is cherished and meaningful to us, created with intention and respect to the natural world. Our passion and promise is to keep it that way."


Alex & Noble