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Laid to Rest

Engraved Rune Pendant

Engraved Rune Pendant

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Flow (Laguz) • Journey (Raido) • Gateway (Thurisaz)

When these 3 runes pair in a reading, one can interpret consciousness coming forth to light the path, either internal or external, and stepping into a new state of being. Like water, our emotions will always find a way through, either positively or negatively. To end a reading with Thurisaz can be intimidating, as it’s known to represent the forces of chaos. However, with awareness and intention, it’s power can change life in a big and exciting way.

Runes are engraved by hand and filled with bright copper to accentuate each symbol. With 2.5” brass ring, this measures approximately 13” full length. 



Recycled, repurposed, ethically sourced materials. See individual listings for detailed description of materials used.

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Varies per piece, accurate to photo.

Care Instructions

Leather will always stretch and soften slightly overtime. OK to get wet periodically, but avoid long durations in water. All wood is protected with finishing varnish. Avoid prolonged and constant sun exposure to avoid early fading.

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